P-Trucks OU was founded in 1995 and is 100% owned by Estonian capital.

The company has two main areas of activity:

  • Purchase and sale of vehicles: (new and used buses, trucks, trailers), as well as construction and agricultural machinery (concrete mixers, heavy trucks, excavators, tractors, couplings, etc.).
    • We have customers and partners around the world.
    • Since 1996, a maintenance and repair workshop with an area of ​​2,000 m2 has been located in Sauga, where we also repair damaged trucks.
    • In 2022, an 18m long paint house equipped with the latest technology in Estonia will be completed.
    • Since 2005. We are co-operation partners of Estonia's largest leasing companies in the sale of used vehicles and equipment.
    • Estonian banks and leasing companies accept us as appraisers of means of transport.
    • By purchasing equipment from us, we help with vehicle registration and, if necessary, arrange leasing.
    • We are also a company certified by the Transport Board for determining the unladen weight of vehicles and trailers.
  • Commercial, industrial and office rental and real estate management:
    • „Papiniidu Keskus“ in Parnu, Riia mnt.106, Suur-Joe 75 and 77 real estates.
      Companies with a leasable area of 3,200 m2 are located in many areas: shops with different orientations, beauty, health and household services, leisure, etc.
    • „Sauga Tehnopark“ - in 2021 we started the construction of new industrial rental premises in Sauga town, Jänesselja tee 22 and Nulu 1. Upon completion of the file hall complex, we can offer 7,000 m2 of rental space to production companies.

Our head office is located in Keskuse 9, Sauga town, Tori municipality, Parnu county.