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General terms

By using P-Truck OÜ web page www.p-trucks.ee or other services you agree oue privacy conditions. If you don't agree with these terms, you are obligated to leave this web page.

General personal data protection terms

I Terms

1.1. Personal Data processor – person who does any operation with Personal Data, including saving, storing, changing, allows access to third party or using the Personal Data 

1.1.1. Responsible Data Processor – under these terms the Responsible Processor is OÜ P-Trucks, registry code 10335807, address Pärnumaa, Pärnu, Papiniidu 19, 80042.

1.1.2. Authorized Data Processor – are persons, who are authorized by Responsible Processor by agreement to process the Personal Data. These Authorized Processor can be shipping partners, IT partners, ect. List of the Authorized Processors is available on demand by request to

1.1.3. Data Subject - private person, who uses, is used or about to use products and services of Responsible Processor and who's data will by the Responsible Processor on the these DGPR terms.

1.1.4. Personal Data – any kind of data about Data Subject, which are become avaliable to Responsible Processor by using the services, orders, ect.

1.1.5. Processiong of Personal Data – is all automated on manual action done with personal data (i.e collecting, storing, modifying, reading, using, forwardin, ect) non-dependent on processing method or applications used.

1.1.6. Third party - private person or company, who isn't Data Subject, Responsible Data Processor or Authorized Data Processor.

II Confirmation of Data Subject

2.1. By using the services (i.e. using web page) or notifiying Data Processor of intent of using the services, Data Subject agrees ot process use his or hers Personal Data under the terms provided in this document.

2.2. If the Data Processing requires additional acceptance by Data Subject, the Data Proccessor notifies the Data Subject of the intent of asking or storing for additional Personal Data (like notifying that calls will be recorded or confirmation for using Personal Data for Newsletters, etc).

2.3. All agreements (except Data required by Law or Data used to related in transactions) can be withdrawn by Data Subject in every time by notifiying the Data Processor by e-mail: or by using other contact method provided by Data Processor.

III Personal Data processing purposes and principles

3.1. Data Processor collect Personal Data in order to make and fulfill the agreements, including but not limited:

3.1.1 decide prior the agreement, wether and under what terms the servicees and goods can be offered;

3.1.2 fulfill the obligations of delivering goods and offering services by the agreements with Data Subject;

3.1.3. disclose and forward the Personal Data to the partners and other parties involved with fulfilling the agreement.

3.1.4. to protect and implimient rights on claims (including Third Party partners).

3.2. Data Processor processes Personal Data in order fulfill the laws and legislations, including but not limited:

3.2.1 to evaluate Clients trustworthiness (i.e asking credit ratings for post-payments, etc);

3.2.2. to evaluate inner- and outer risks of the company: audit, analyze, etc;

3.2.3. to ensure rights of the Data Subject (including control, improve, add or delete Personal Data);

3.2.4. to fulfill obligations resulted by laws (i.e. forwarding Data).

3.3. Data Processor processes the Personal Data under the agreement of Data Subject in order but not limited:

3.3.1. offer messages of the services and goods by Data Processor to Data Subject (i.e. e-mail newsletters). These messages are not related to fulfilling any onging contracts;

3.3.2. better understand the Data Subjects behavior and expectaction in order to offer better services and goods (i.e. personalized ads, statistical analysis, market research, polls, etc);

3.3.3. offer the selected goods or/and services of the partners to the Client;

3.3.4. to organize consumer games and campaigns.

3.4. Data Processor can forward the Personal data to the other companies on the Data Processor company Group.

3.5. Data Processor don't sell, rent or give the Personal Data to third party except the the exclusions described on this document.

3.6. Data Processor follows the data protection legistation.

3.7. Data Processor keeps the righte of storing all communication with Data Subject (e-mail, phone calls), which are required for offering the services or goods or using the stored data for proof.

Data Processor can use Autorized Data process for processing the Personal Data (i.e analyzing the habits of the Client).

IV Protection of Personal Data and responsibilities

4.1. Data Processor ensures the protection of Persional Data for unautorized processing, accidental loss or disruption of data, etc by using up to date technical and organizational methods.

4.2. Data Processor grants access to Personal Data to trained employee limited to the data necessary for the data processing purposes.

4.3. Data Processor is responible for matching all the requirements declared by the laws and regulations about Personal Data protection.

4.4. Data Processor confirms that:

  • we will protect Personal Data and we have taken into use methods to protect the Personal Data;
  • we will collect Personal Data under clear and legitimate terms and we will not use them later on the they what is contraction to these terms;
  • we collect the smallest amount of Personal Data possible, in order to serve the purposes of the Personal Data collection terms;
  • we will use the Personal Data as long as it is required to fullfill the purposes of Data Processing or required by the Law;
  • we demand from all our Partners (IT, shipping companies) which we share the Personal Data with, to uphold the same requirements for Data Protection as we do.

V Protection of the Data Subject's rights

5.1. Data Subject has a right to see the collected data and request the additional information about the Data Proccessing.

5.2. Data Subject has right to submit a claims about the Data Processing at any given time, inlcuding requesting to delete all data related to Data Subject, modify the data, etc, if the right to use this data doesn't not contradict any Laws.

5.3. We assume that all services and goods used by minors are done under parental supervision. Underaged Data Subject must ask for the parent or legal guardian's consent before submitting any information via Internet.

5.4. If Data Subject finds that Data Processor has violated Data Protection rights, Data Subject may notify the Data Processor by e-mail:  and request the fix the problem. Data Subject also has right to turn to Data Protection Agency or court for legal protecton. These terms match the laws of Estonia.

VI Changing the Data protection terms

6.1 P-Trucks OÜ keeps the right to change these terms unilaterally on any given moment.

6.2 P-Trucks OÜ will notify about the new terms at least 1 month prior to the changes on following web page: https://www.p-trucks.ee/en/gdpr.html vähemalt 1 kuu enne muudatuste jõustumist. 

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Obligations of the web page user

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