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59 180.- EUR+VAT 20%
  • JANZEN ECCO Trailer
  • JANZEN ECCO Trailer
  • JANZEN ECCO Trailer
  • JANZEN ECCO Trailer
  • JANZEN ECCO Trailer
  • JANZEN ECCO Trailer
  • JANZEN ECCO Trailer
  • JANZEN ECCO Trailer
ID: 1581
Production year 2019
Front axle tyre sizes265/70R19.5
Front axle tyre tread pattern depth left100%
Central axle tyre size265/70R19.5
Central axle tyre tread pattern depth left100%
Rear axle tyre size265/70R19.5
Rear axle tyre tread pattern depth left100%
Curb mass7240
Number of axles5
Suspensionair suspension
Liftable axle.
Manufactured by: Janzen System GmbH & Co. KG Body & Trailer
Modell : 2 + 3 Timber Bunk carrier

Trailer on picture (made for Finland Customer)

Length : 10 100 mm + drawbar
Gross weight : 42 000 kg
Empty weight : 7240 kg
Frame height : 1 100 mm
Full welding construction STRENX 700
Off Road ball bearing
5 x BEVOLA axle, disc brake (excellent fuel and tire safe function)
VBG mec. tele drawbar
VBG rear under run protection
4 units load secure chain tensioner air operate with chain
4 000 mm hydraulic ram profile in the rear part (to move the rear bunks)
KTL coloured by RAL at your choice
Aluminium checker component protections plate
Full LED lLighting, rear with triple lamps each side

Price for this high quality trailer :
With BEVOLA axle : 65 600 € (+ V.A.T.) free Estonian yard
With BPW axle : 60 900 € (+ V.A.T.) free Estonian yard
With SAF axle : 59 680 € (+ V.A.T.) free Estonian yard

The matching bunks for this trailer:
4 units ECCO ALU 12 (same on pictures), 3 150 mm loading height: + 7 000 € net.
8 units ECCO ALU 7, 3150 mm loading height: 9940 € net

We offer all 3, 4 and 5-axle turntable timber transport trailer
(all trailers are manufactured individually according to Customer wishes and specifications)
Load space length up to 13.6 m (up to 44.62 ft)
Technical gross weight up to max. ; 60 000 kgs (132 277 lbs)
Empty weight with out bunks and extra parts only: 5 400 kgs (11 905 lbs)
High-quality steel and parts, top design and the usual premium quality of all JANZEN products guarantee a long and maintenance-free life cycle .
A large selection of ECCO steel, combi or full aluminum bunks, from 4 to to 12 tons with CE certificate and a wide range on parts and equipment, like hydraulic bunk ram, aluminium superstructure, aluminium front wall, any crane brand, load secure equipment, mech. or pneumatic, 1, 2 or LoadSensing line hydraulic and much more made the trailer/ truck to a perfect timber transporter.